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Halloween Costumes for Women 2020

Fast Amazon Delivery for These Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween Costume Commando and Paratrooper

You've never had so much choice for Halloween costumes for women as you do now.

From iconic. empowering Halloween costumes for women to traditional harem slave, Dorothy and everything in-between, you are spoilt for choice..

Why? It's because there's been a perfect storm of circumstance to make it happen, from the #metoo movement to women on the army front line, training hard, shooting fast and accurate and generally contributing to the military effort in exactly the same way as their male counterparts.

The stock market reflects the fact that companies with female CEOs frequently out-perform the market, returning higher dividends to shareholders while at the same time remaining good corporate citizens.

Get a Halloween costume for women that reflects your personality, either as it really is or as you see yourself in a fantasy. You can go for Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons or Lieutenant Ivana Fukalot down at the precinct or any number of powerful women's costumes at Halloween Costumes for Women.

Or a harem slave. Heck, it's your fantasy, no one else's.

Here are just a few of the selections from our Halloween Costumes for Women.

Halloween Costume Edwina Scissorhands

Edwina Scissorhands

One of the most iconic characters of all time is Johnny Depp's Edward Scissorhands. Boys get all the best characters.. but not this time! You'll love our genderbent version of this classic character.

Released in 1991, Edward Scissorhands is a Gothic fairytale romance that has become a classic Tim Burton 90s masterpiece. The character, the storyline and the film sets are simply awesome and have inspired us in creating Edward's female alter ego, Edwina Scissorhands.

If you fancy yourself as an animated human creation left unfinished after the death of your maker. Edwina Scissorhands is the perfect costume choice for a Halloween party. Plus... she has super cool scissorblades for hands!

Enjoy watching the guys squirm as you stand close to them with those fearsome blades swinging casually by your side.

But be prepared for lots of requests for haircuts.

You'll be sure to win best dressed!

Halloween Costume Dorothy Wizard of Oz

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

A perennial favorite, Dorothy is the innocent little girl (just like you once were) who overcomes incredible odds and outsmarts all the villains to triumph in the end and return home.

Dorothy has been around since 1900, when Frank Baum's classic novel was first published.

Relive your childhood magic with this cute Dorothy costume from our Halloween costumes for women collection.

True to the portrayal of Dorothy by Judy Garland in the 1939 musical movie The Wizard of Oz, your costume will be instantly recognizable by everyone.

Ivana Fukalot Police Lieutenant

Are you really the bad-ass cop type? You can't get much more in your face than police lieutenant Ivana Fukalot. You need to be brave to pull this one off.

Harem Slave Girl Back

If you're feeling particularly sexy and feminine, you'll absolutely wow them (and cause a few hearts to flutter) in this harem slave girl costume.

A knockout from the front and arguably even more alluring from the back, be prepared for jealously from even your best friend.

Choose from our full range of Halloween Costumes for Women at the best prices and fastest delivery from Amazon.

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