Family Halloween Costumes: The Addams Family

By Funky Cool Cat

September 30, 2022

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Are you going to (or hosting) a Halloween party as a group or a family?

There's nothing better than having a theme for your group or family.

And what better theme to bring it all together than these Addams Family Halloween costumes?

Each can be purchased individually, so whether you're a couple (Gomez and Morticia), a family with a couple of kids (Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday and Pugsley) or a group of say, seven (Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Lurch and Cousin Itt) I've got you covered.

And with supply by Amazon, you know you've got fast delivery and complete protection.

Brief Addams Family Biographies

These brief biographies can be used to stay in character while in your Addams Family Halloween Costumes at your Halloween party. Click on the name or image to go to the page where you can purchase from Amazon.

Gomez Addams 2

Gomez is the most social of his family members and often reaches out to those around him, though as a result of his demented nature, he often ends up doing more harm than good.

Gomez believes in giving to charity, giving children proper education and complete devotion to his family.

Gomez is exceedingly wealthy and will spread his money around whenever possible. He is a lawyer by trade but so terrible at his job he almost never wins cases and only sparingly practices law. However as he is heir to an obscenely vast fortune his poor practice of law remains inconsequential.

Gomez is devoted to his wife Morticia and their relationship exudes a highly sexual nature.

He is also totally supportive of his brother Fester, who supports him in return. Though they often engage in duels using real swords and appear close to fatally stabbing each other at times. Such duels always end with an embrace.

You can also assemble your own effective Gomez Addams Halloween costume by buying a cheap double-breasted pinstripe suit and matching it with a black bow tie, black shoes, white shirt and large unlit cigar.

Morticia Addams

Charles Addams, the creator of the Addams family, described Morticia as "The real head of the family... low-voiced, incisive and subtle, smiles are rare... ruined beauty... contemptuous and original and with fierce family loyalty... even in disposition, muted, witty, sometimes deadly... given to low-keyed rhapsodies about her garden of deadly nightshade, henbane and dwarf's hair..."

Morticia is the wife of Gomez Addams, and the mother of Wednesday, Pugsley and Pubert the baby. She is also the sister of the daisy-headed Ophelia Frump and daughter of Granny Frump and Grandpa Frump.

She has pale skin and long black hair. She commonly wears black Gothic dresses to match her hair, tightly form fitting, with a hobble skirt.

According to Wednesday, Morticia applies baking powder to her face instead of actual makeup. She easily allures her husband Gomez by speaking French (or any other foreign language for that matter). Morticia is musically-inclined, and is often seen freely strumming a shamisen. She enjoys cutting the buds off of roses which she discards, keeping only the stems. She also has a carnivorous plant, an African Strangler named Cleopatra, which she enjoys feeding.

Morticia has an astonishing ability to suppress pain and stays completely calm during childbirth.

Halloween Costume Wednesday Addams

Charles Addams gave the Addams Family daughter the name Wednesday, based on the well-known nursery rhyme line, Wednesday's child is full of woe.

"Child of woe is wan and delicate...sensitive and on the quiet side, she loves the picnics and outings to the underground caverns...loves the color black...a solemn child, prim in dress and, on the whole, pretty lost...secretive and imaginative, poetic, seems underprivileged and given to occasional tantrums...has six toes on one foot..."

Wednesday's middle name is Friday and she has a close kinship with the family's giant butler Lurch. Her favorite hobby is raising spiders. She has written a poem dedicated to her favorite pet spider, Homer. She is also a ballerina

Wednesday's favorite toy is her Marie Antoinette doll, which her brother Pugsley guillotines at her request. She has several other headless dolls as well. She also paints pictures, including a picture of trees with human heads, and  Wednesday is deceptively strong; she is able to bring her father down with a judo hold.

She shows sadistic tendencies and a dark personality, and has a deep interest in the Bermuda Triangle. She has great admiration for her Great Aunt Calpurnia Addams, who was burned as a witch in 1706.

For many reasons, Wednesday is one of the most popular Adams Family Halloween Costumes for both girls and adult women.

Pugsley Addams

"An energetic monster of a boy... blond red hair, popped blue eyes and a dedicated troublemaker, in other words the kid next door... genius in his own way, he makes toy guillotines, full-size racks, threatens to poison his sister, can turn himself into a Mr. Hyde with an ordinary chemical set... his voice is hoarse... is sometimes allowed an occasional cigar"
-Charles Addams

Pugsley Uno Addams is the oldest child of Gomez and Morticia.

He is a pre-teen boy who is almost always seen wearing a striped T-shirt and long shorts. He is a deviant child with a vicious nature, shown committing deplorable acts with his sister. In all incarnations, Pugsley is overweight and usually eats over five pieces of cake at birthday parties.

Pugsley displays outlandish engineering skills, including the invention of a disintegrator gun, an anti-gravity gun, and other devices. He and his father Gomez created a computer named Whizzo and a robot named Smiley (played in the television series by Robby the Robot).

When sent to a psychiatrist, Pugsley tells of boyhood incidents involving hangings and grenades, with no clue that others might find these accounts unusual. Pugsley and his younger sister Wednesday play together, sharing an interest in dynamite, spiders, and other dangerous toys.

He also has an unusual hobby of stealing road signs, which he uses to decorate the walls and door of his bedroom.

Pugsley and his sister Wednesday seem to have a close sibling relationship, with many shared interests. These include trying to kill each other and hatching plans together to kill their baby brother Pubert.

Uncle Fester Addams

"Uncle Fester is incorrigible and, except for the good nature of the family and the ignorance of the police, would ordinarily be under lock and key... the eyes are pig-like and deeply embedded... he likes to fish, but usually employs dynamite... he keeps falcons on the roof which he uses for hunting... his one costume, summer and winter, is a black great coat with an enormous collar... he is fat with pudgy little hands and feet."
-Charles Addams

Uncle Fester is a bald, hunched, and barrel-shaped man with dark, sunken eyes and often a deranged smile. He always wears a heavy, full-length fur coat.

He likes turning the shower to a special "scalding" setting, feeding his garden plants on blood plasma and releasing an eagle on the neighbor's homing pigeons. Originally Morticia's uncle, he was subsequently re-imagined as Gomez's long lost older brother. He was believed to have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle for twenty-five years.  He is reclusive and anti-social.

Uncle Fester has a strange ability to conduct electricity. He would often demonstrate this by putting a light bulb in his mouth, which would illuminate, accompanied by a loud, crackling noise. He claims to possess 110 watts of power and demonstrates his "magnetic" quality by levitating a metal paperweight up to his hand. When struck directly on the head by a fired cannonball, he appears only mildly dazed, while the cannonball literally bounces off his head.

He also often appears to suffer from a severe migraine that can only be relieved by putting his head in a screw press and tightening it to levels that normal people would not be able to withstand. However, at other times, he seems to do it just for fun.

Little is known of Uncle Fester's childhood, except that his father Grandpa Droop was an excruciatingly strict man who severely disciplined him, beating him even when he was good and paying him to stay out of public (Uncle Fester considered this to be experience in "public relations"). He refused to allow Fester to even touch a battleaxe (a treasured toy in the Addams family) until he was eight. As an adult, Uncle Fester defended his father's strictness, pointing to his own character as proof of its effectiveness: "I didn't become what I am by accident! I had upbringing like no other!"

Uncle Fester collects 3-dollar bills.

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